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First discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, orgone was created by fusing alternating layers of fiberglass and metals. After special equipment was used to detect and measure etheric energy such as a GDV device, it was determined that orgone would actually attract and collect the etheric energy. This serves to purify the environment with the life beneficial positive form called OR and contain harmful negative etheric energy called DOR.

Since then new advancements have been achieved with Orgone devices by our inventors and designers, we have coined these devices Oregonite™. These magnificent works have been made available to you in order to gain an edge on spiritual activation utilizing advance innovation.

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Astral Energy Regulator Astral Energy Regulator

Astral Energy Regulator

$395.00 Was $527.00

Orgonite Alternator Orgonite Alternator

Orgonite Alternator

$580.00 Was $680.00

Pi Resonance Capacitor

$355.00 Was $475.00

Oregonite Generator Oregonite Generator

Oregonite Generator

$475.00 Was $557.00