Potassium Chloride - Kali Mur

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Potassium Chloride - Kali Mur

According to Schuessler’s Theory of Biochemistry, without the right balance of potassium chloride, the clot former/coagulant protein fibrin cannot be made, broken down or kept in proper solution in the body. A disturbance of fibrin levels or processing (by lack of potassium chloride, for example), shows up as a white coating on the tongue or in white slime or phlegm via mucus, blisters or scaly skin eruptions.

When a white coated tongue or white discharge accompanies respiratory, digestive or skin symptoms, Kali mur can be a great cleansing agent.

For colds and congestions, Kali mur helps improve symptoms before they can mature into yellow stubborn mucus congestions. These include sinus pains, ear pains, sore throat, a hard cough with white mucus, and swollen glands as well. Taking Kali mur for a few days before a flight, can save young and adult travellers much discomfort.

For skin and membranes, it helps the body cleanse acne, whitish skin eruptions and sores.Its thrush applications have saved babies and nursing mothers much irritation. Vaginal thrush with white discharge, can benefit as well.

In digestion, Kali mur makes the perfect match when a white tongue and much saliva mark symptoms like heartburn, acidity, sour belching, poor appetite and diarrhea. Whether from sinus pain or indigestion, a heavy headache can find comfort in Kali mur, too.

When you combine this cell salt’s strong presence in the blood, muscles and saliva, with its ability to break down the whitish secretions of mucus membranes, skin and other tissues, you can see what a vital part Kali mur plays in our cleansing systems. If it’s white, Kali mur can help the body break it down and clean it out, naturally.

Solution: Kali Mur
Strength: 6x
Format: Powder compacted into dissolvable pill
Method: Oral (O), Sublingually (S)
Quantity: 500 capsules
Suggested Use: Adults dissolve 2 capsules under the tongue before bed

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